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Refer a Student

Referring Students for Writing Help

The Walden Writing Center offers a wide variety of media to help students with writing. For a list of these resources and information about how to access them, see the Getting Started page on the Writing Center website. The page also houses brief videos that introduce students (and faculty) to the resources best suited to students at different degree levels. For help referring students to relevant Writing Center assistance, see the links below:


If you are working with a student with particular writing challenges and would like advice about the best resources for that student, we are happy to put together recommendations for you. Fill out this brief faculty referral form with specifics, and we will send you an e-mail full of resources for your student.

Crash Course in Referring Students to the Writing Center


In each Crash Course video we recommend services that we think you will find useful. Direct links to those resources are included below for easy access. 

Crash Course in Referring Students to the Writing Center