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Doctoral Capstone

Chapter Edits by Faculty Request

NOTE: As of August 5, the chapter edit service is temporarily on hold. An unusually high number of doctoral students are now at the form and style review stage, so all of our available editor staff time is currently required to ensure students can receive those reviews on time. We hope to make chapter edits available again soon. 

Faculty members are able to submit chapters or sections of a student’s dissertation/capstone manuscript for a 1-hour review by a Walden University Writing Center Form and Style Editor. Students and faculty can expect to receive edits to a chapter or section with track changes, revisions, and suggestions, similar to what they receive in a form and style review. Editors will focus on APA, grammar, academic voice, and Walden’s institutional preferences. Manuscripts will be edited on a first come, first served basis. Though we may not fully complete a chapter or section, we will spend 1 hour of our time reviewing the selection sent to us by a chair.

This service is for students whose progress is impeded specifically because of their writing, or for those faculty who have exhausted their own resources for facilitating the writing of a capstone manuscript. This is not for students who are making regular progress, who are looking for a one-time review for minor APA revisions, or for students who need help with content or methodological issues. Students who have a good grasp of their topic and content, but are struggling with APA formatting, scholarly voice, or other grammar and writing-related issues, are good candidates for this service.

To qualify, students must have a completed and approved prospectus. We will accept any chapters/sections, or portions thereof, from the proposal or final document. Chairs/students will be allowed a maximum of four reviews during the student’s path to graduation in this capstone stage. To have a manuscript edited, complete the application below and submit it, along with a copy of the student’s manuscript. Chapter Edits are assigned each Monday until 5 p.m. Central time. Requests received beyond that time will be assigned the following Monday. All Chapter Edits are assigned on a Monday, completed by a capstone support editor asynchronously during the week, and will be returned to students/chairs by the end of the Friday business day of that week.

Please direct any questions to

Note: Because Chapter Edits are a need-based service, our Editing Team will only assign one edit per student, per week, so that we can adequately serve the number of students for whom this service is requested.  Please do not submit multiple chapters for one student at the same time. Please wait until the following week to request another Chapter Edit for the student.

If your students need support beyond the Writing Center’s chapter edits, you can refer them to the Academic Skills Center’s Doctoral Proposal Revision Workshops. These workshops benefit students who have a working draft of their proposal and who need help polishing the document through revising and editing.