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Walden shifted to APA 7 (from APA 6) in Summer 2020, allowing a grace period through 2020 for doctoral capstone writers to complete their full documents in APA 6. As of January 1, 2021, all doctoral manuscripts must be in APA 7. Students should use the APA 7 template for their program and follow the Form and Style APA 7 Checklist in all their doctoral capstone documents. To learn the Walden doctoral capstone variances to APA, see this Letter From an Editor on APA 7, and see below for a helpful tool for students who need to convert a document from APA 6 to APA 7.

Monthly Faculty Updates From the Writing Center

The Writing Center sends monthly updates about events, policies, and services to faculty who opt in to these mailings. Contact Amber Cook to be added to the list! See below for current and past updates.

Current Updates: September 2021

Paper Review FAQ

  • Our paper review service continues to be in high demand for students looking for assistance developing their scholarly writing skills. To help faculty understand this service and how best to refer students to it, we’ve put together this Paper Review FAQ for faculty. Feel free to reach out to me if you have additional questions, and we can add to the FAQ as needed!

Reminder: Adjusting to APA 7

  • Walden has been using APA’s seventh edition for over a year, but we occasionally hear from students or faculty who are still using the sixth edition. If you decide to do a check-in with your students or colleagues, our APA 7 minilessons can be a handy tool for quickly learning some of the new elements. We also still have our APA 6/APA 7 comparison table available to highlight the major changes.

Upcoming Faculty Webinar

  • Writing Feedback Workshop: Engage Your Students Through Your Tone [rescheduled from July]
    Thursday, September 30 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Central time
  • As faculty, we’ve all struggled with providing writing feedback to students, only to have our comments dismissed or ignored. Many factors can contribute to students’ lack of engagement with feedback. In this webinar, we’re going to dig into one that’s often overlooked: tone. Join Writing Center staff to discuss what tone is and why it matters in feedback about writing, how tone presents in written comments, and strategies for adjusting tone to help students engage with your feedback. In this research-based, interactive session, we’ll work on tone together and individually. Bring your questions, experiences, and a recent student assignment with your comments to review independently. Presenters: Amber Cook and Anne Shiell
  • Quick reminder: If you haven’t completed our brief survey to gauge interest in a scholarly writing skill series for faculty, we’d appreciate your thoughts!

Upcoming Writing Center Webinars for Students

Bookmark This: Writing Resource Matchmaker

  • The Writing Center has heard from faculty that they'd love to make helpful referrals for students, but they're sometimes overwhelmed with identifying the right resources. The Writing Resource Matchmaker was designed to make this task easier. Using this tool, you can select the writing skills your students need help developing, and you'll be taken to a list of our resources that can address those skills. There's even some student-facing text you can use to make the recommendation! Bookmark this tool to help next time you’re making writing support referrals for your students.

Copy-and-Paste Announcement: 2021 Form and Style Clinic

  • Our colleagues on the Form and Style Editor team (now housed within ORDS, alongside Walden’s other capstone quality initiatives) are offering an all-day Form and Style Clinic next week to assist doctoral capstone writers. Doctoral faculty and committees, feel free to share this with your students or mentees:

Join the editors from the Office of Research and Doctoral Services for a Form & Style Clinic on Thursday, September 23, 2021. Through five separate sessions beginning at 9:00 a.m. CDT, Walden University Form and Style Editors will guide attendees through the steps involved in the capstone document phase of their degree. Register and see the full schedule on the Form and Style website.

Writing Tip: Writing Motivation

  • As followers of the Writing Center blog know, our 2021 theme is motivation, which is a common problem among writers of any kind. Motivation for academic writing within a busy life can be especially difficult, and our writing instructors have created some helpful, practical recommendations for students to try as they hit various walls. Our most recent post, by Writing Instructor Lauri Barnes, suggests “writing sprints” to help writers get moving in a doable way. Feel free to share the post—or just the idea—with students who may need a new strategy.