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APA 7 Transition Updates

Starting in the summer terms (May 4 for semester and June 1 for quarter), Walden University will use the new, seventh edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) as the accepted standard for citations, references, and writing style guidelines. The Writing Center is posting updates on resources, training, and next steps for this switch on the Writing Center website. You'll also find updates in each of the monthly updates below.

Monthly Faculty Updates From the Writing Center

The Writing Center sends monthly updates about events, policies, and services to faculty who opt in to these mailings. Contact Amber Cook to be added to the list! See below for current and past updates.

Current Updates: January 2020

APA 7 Transition: University Timeline for Adoption

  • Starting in the summer terms (May 4 for semester-based programs and June 1 for quarter-based programs), Walden University will use the new, seventh edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) as the accepted standard for citations, references, and writing style guidelines. Students with an approved doctoral capstone proposal by these dates will have a grace period for completing their work in the sixth edition, with more details forthcoming. Between now and the summer terms, continue using APA's sixth edition, and expect to see announcements about resources and trainings for APA's seventh edition soon. All students and faculty will receive notification about this timeline in coming weeks. To stay up to date on APA 7 information, follow our APA 7 Transition page.

Creating a Welcoming and Inclusive Writing Center for Students

  • When students register for a myPASS paper review account, they now have two additional, optional questions they can answer. The first asks students about their preferred name. We recognize and respect that some students use a name other than their legal first name—such as a nickname, middle name, or other chosen name—to identify themselves. We also hope this question will help us properly address students whose names do not follow the first/middle/last name order common in many English-speaking cultures. The other question asks students for their pronouns. Of the 390 students who registered for a myPASS account in October (when we added the new questions), 64% chose to enter the name they would like to be called, and 77% chose to enter their pronouns. We hope that these small changes to our registration form help foster respect and inclusivity for students among our team and show students our dedication to these values.  

Upcoming Faculty Webinars

  • Working With Multilingual Writers 
    • Wednesday, February 12, from 2 to 3:00 p.m. Central time
    • International and multilingual students face unique academic writing challenges, and so do the instructors who teach them. In this session, Writing Center staff with expertise in multilingual student support will identify the multilingual student population at Walden as well as common concerns in their writing, such as organization of ideas, academic integrity, and grammar. They will also discuss effective feedback strategies and multilingual resources available to both students and faculty at the Walden Writing Center.
  • Multilingual Writing at the Doctoral Level: Aspects and Approaches 
    • Monday, March 9, from Noon to 1:00 p.m. Central time
    • In this webinar, Walden Writing Center staff discuss some of the specific challenges multilingual writers may have when working on a doctoral capstone, as well as possible practical solutions for you as committee members to help address these issues. We break down the challenges into four categories: psycho-affective/emotional issues, behavioral issues, rhetorical issues, and social issues.

Cut-and-Paste Announcement: APA 7 Transition Webpage

  • This month’s announcement points students to our APA 7 Transition page for updates about the university’s adoption of the seventh edition of the APA manual later this year:

Starting in the summer terms, Walden University will require students to use the seventh edition of the APA manual for citation, reference, and writing style guidelines. The Writing Center is providing announcements about this transition on its APA 7 Transition page. Be sure to visit this page frequently to learn about next steps, training opportunities, and other details.

Bookmark This: Supporting Walden Student Writers Yammer Group

  • Are you looking for a space to discuss writing support issues with your colleagues and with Writing Center staff? Consider joining the Supporting Walden Student Writers Yammer group. You’ll find Writing Center announcements but also conversations about the challenges of and best practices for helping students develop their scholarly writing skills. Hope to see you there!

Writing Tip of the Month: Plagiarism Prevention

  • For many students, plagiarism is not a result of intentional cheating but of underdeveloped citation and paraphrasing skills, as well as lack of awareness of what qualifies as plagiarism. To provide students and faculty with targeted support for plagiarism prevention, we have produced a new video series, Plagiarism Detection & Revision Skills. The videos are integrated throughout the Writing Center website, but you can find all of them on the home page of our Plagiarism Prevention Resource Kit. These videos provide instruction for students on how to identify and avoid different types of plagiarism in their writing.