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Monthly Faculty Updates From the Writing Center

The Writing Center sends monthly updates about events, policies, and services to faculty who opt in to these mailings. Contact Amber Cook to be added to the list! See below for current and past updates.

Current Updates: March 2022

A New Look for myPASS   

  • Our paper review scheduling system, myPASS, now more clearly reflects the asynchronous nature of the service. Through an update by the vendor, we were able to remove the default of listing appointments by time and replace the times with slot numbers. Students don’t need to do anything differently; they will simply pick an appointment slot on a given date to reserve a review by one of our instructors. We’ve already had student feedback saying that the change has eliminated confusion for them, and our materials have been updated to reflect this simplification of the calendar.

WriteCast Podcast: Two Short APA Episodes

  • Our two most recent podcast episodes work as a short series on using APA in nontraditional assignments. These 8-minute episodes, What About APA? and APA Style Rules, offer advice on how to approach APA citation and style guidelines in assignments where their use isn’t obvious, such as journal entries. We hear confusion about this frequently from students, so feel free to point them to these episodes!

Upcoming Writing Center Webinars for Students

  • Plagiarism can be an intimidating concept for many student writers. Everyone wants to prevent plagiarism, but it can be unclear what exactly plagiarism is and how to avoid it. In this first part of a two-part series, we'll focus on avoiding plagiarism through effective paraphrasing and quoting. Students should join us to
    • Define plagiarism
    • Identify plagiarism pitfalls when paraphrasing and quoting source material
    • Practice revising plagiarism issues
    • Learn strategies to help you avoid plagiarism in your own academic writing
    • Connect with other Walden student writers

This session will run twice to accommodate different schedules, and it will be archived alongside all of our other student webinars. Live session dates and registration links are below:

Bookmark This: Faculty Referral Form

  • Even if you’ve provided resources and feedback on a student’s writing, you may find that you could use additional recommendations. Bookmark our faculty referral form as a great way to request outreach or resource ideas for your students next time you’re feeling stuck. Using this form, you can request recommendations for resources tailored to a specific student's needs and/or outreach to the student from a Writing Center instructor.

Copy-and-Paste Announcement: Quick Answers

  • This month’s announcement directs students to our Quick Answers service for immediate responses to the most frequently asked questions at the Writing Center:

Do you have questions for the Writing Center? You might find what you need in the Quick Answers feature, located on their home page. Type your question and choose from the FAQs that appear based on your query. If you can’t find what you need, you can reach out to the Writing Center staff at for a response within 24 hours.

Writing Tip of the Month: Run-On Sentences and Sentence Fragments

  • Run-on sentences and sentence fragments are often misunderstood, with many writers thinking of them simply as sentences that are too long or too short, respectively. Instead, these syntax errors result when necessary sentence components are missing or connected incorrectly, regardless of sentence length. You and your students can review the rules for constructing a complete sentence to identify and avoid these types of errors.


Walden shifted to APA 7 (from APA 6) in Summer 2020, allowing a grace period through 2020 for doctoral capstone writers to complete their full documents in APA 6. As of January 1, 2021, all doctoral manuscripts must be in APA 7. Students should use the APA 7 template for their program and follow the Form and Style APA 7 Checklist in all their doctoral capstone documents. To learn the Walden doctoral capstone variances to APA, see this Letter From an Editor on APA 7, and see below for a helpful tool for students who need to convert a document from APA 6 to APA 7.