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Walden shifted to APA 7 (from APA 6) in Summer 2020, allowing a grace period through 2020 for doctoral capstone writers to complete their full documents in APA 6. As of January 1, 2021, all doctoral manuscripts must be in APA 7. Students should use the APA 7 template for their program and follow the Form and Style APA 7 Checklist in all their doctoral capstone documents. To learn the Walden doctoral capstone variances to APA, see this Letter From an Editor on APA 7, and see below for a helpful tool for students who need to convert a document from APA 6 to APA 7.

Monthly Faculty Updates From the Writing Center

The Writing Center sends monthly updates about events, policies, and services to faculty who opt in to these mailings. Contact Amber Cook to be added to the list! See below for current and past updates.

Current Updates: October 2021

Blog Post: Writing with Pomodoros

  • The Writing Center blog has focused on motivation this year, and a technique that we’ve featured several times is the Pomodoro method. This method for breaking effort into smaller chunks can be useful for students (or faculty and staff!) who may be having difficulty persisting through writing tasks during this season. Point your students to Writing Instructor Lauri’s post for a short explanation and tips for using this method.

Faculty Referral Form

  • If a student in your course needs writing support beyond what you’ve already offered, you can request the following via the faculty referral form: (a) recommendations for resources tailored to that student's needs and/or (b) outreach to the student from a Writing Center staff member. (Note: If you would like to request a chapter edit for a doctoral capstone student, see the chapter edit information and request form.)

Upcoming Faculty Webinar (tomorrow!)

Wednesday, October 27 from 1 to 2 p.m. Central time

Join the Writing Center to discuss Walden undergraduate students, their writing challenges, and your experiences as faculty. We'll explore strategies and resources for helping undergraduate students develop their academic writing skills to meet the demands of college-level writing. 

Upcoming Writing Center Webinars for Students

  • Next month, we’ll be offering our “Steps to Developing the Writing Process” student webinars at two different times to accommodate as many schedules as possible. Students will become familiar with the writing process by visualizing it at various stages, from brainstorming to the final draft and reflection. Students will learn six steps of the writing process and tips for each step. Times and registration below:

Bookmark This: Faculty Coaching to Support Multilingual Writers

  • Do you find yourself unsure about how to provide writing feedback and support to your multilingual students? In a coaching session with our multilingual support specialist, you can discuss your questions about working with multilingual writers and receive resources and links that you can use and provide to students. To register for a one-on-one session, complete this form and indicate that you are interested in coaching for supporting multilingual writers.

Copy-and-Paste Announcement: Quick Answers

  • This month’s announcement directs students to our Quick Answers service for immediate responses to the most frequently asked questions at the Writing Center:

Do you have questions for the Writing Center? You might find what you need in the Quick Answers feature, located on their home page. Type your question and choose from the FAQs that pop up based on your query. If you can’t find what you need, feel free to reach out to the writing instructors at

Writing Tip of the Month: Plagiarism Prevention Skills

  • For many students, plagiarism is not a result of intentional cheating but of underdeveloped citation and paraphrasing skills, as well as lack of awareness of what qualifies as plagiarism. Our video series Plagiarism Detection & Revision Skills is integrated throughout the Writing Center website, but you can find all of these helps videos on the home page of our Plagiarism Prevention Resource Kit. These videos provide instruction for students on how to identify and avoid different types of plagiarism in their writing.