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Writing and APA Tips for Classroom Posting

In the categories below, you'll find student-facing language you can copy/paste into your classroom announcements or feedback. For more student-facing tips and upcoming events, register for our weekly newsletter.

Paper Review Information

The Walden Writing Center offers personalized reviews of student writing. To take advantage of this service, make an appointment via your MyWalden portal (under "Academics" then "Schedule an Appointment"). The Writing Center’s Paper Reviews: Introduction page includes information on the process for registering and making a reservation, along with explanations of what you should expect from these reviews.  

Are you interested in receiving guidance on your writing skills but not sure where to start? View one of our brief Welcome to the Writing Center videos (there is one for undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral students as well as one specifically for multilingual students).

If you have any specific writing-related question(s) or questions about the paper review process, e-mail them to Writing Center staff will respond to all e-mails within 24 hours.

Online Writing Center Resources

Follow the Writing Center on Twitter or Facebook for daily announcements and writing tips, including information on new services and upcoming webinars.

Listen to the Writing Center’s podcast series for casual conversations about practical topics on the writing process.

The Writing Center offers webinars on APA and writing topics throughout the term. Information about upcoming webinars and recordings of past sessions can be found on the Webinar Calendar.

Syllabus-specific guidance is available for foundations courses and several others through course-specific resources page.

Grammarly is an automated grammar and writing revision tool for academic writing. Like any software program, Grammarly is not perfect and will not edit your work for you; it is up to you to incorporate Grammarly's feedback and decide which suggestions are most appropriate. The accessing Grammarly page includes information for first time users and the Grammarly overview page includes additional instructions for using this tool.

Do you have questions for the Writing Center? You might find what you need in the Quick Answers feature, located on our home page. Type your question and choose from the FAQs that pop up based on your query. If you can’t find what you need, feel free to reach out to our staff at

The Writing Center offers instructional modules on grammar, APA, and plagiarism prevention. The modules are multimedia, self-paced tutorials that provide extra assistance to develop academic skills. To learn more, check out the homepage for modules.

The Writing Center offers a live chat service to allow students to ask our team of writing instructors APA or scholarly writing questions in real time. For more, review our page on chat hours and policies.

Did you know Walden’s Writing Center editors hold office hours to answer questions and confer with students writing their doctoral capstones? Check out the office hours policy page for more information and a listing of hours.

Links to Specific Writing Topics

To learn more about APA citations, references, and editorial style, see our APA style overview page.

CAEX provides information on Walden writing courses and workshops.

The Writing Center provides APA-compliant templates for Walden papers, as well as a video on how to use them.

Walden course instructors and Writing Center staff might use writing terms with which you are unfamiliar. Consult our writing terms for a glossary of some of these term.

The Writing Center website has tutorials and information on a wide variety of writing topics, from APA and grammar to plagiarism and scholarly voice. If you can’t find the topic you need, use the Search feature at the top right of any page on the website for a listing of relevant resources.

Templates, a form and style checklist, and other information for the dissertation, doctoral study, or project study can be found by clicking your degree on the doctoral capstone form and style programs page.  

The undergraduate writing page includes writing guidance for undergraduate students, with topics listed in the left column.

The Writing Center has resources that best address the writing skill needs of multilingual students.

The prewriting process is just as important as the writing process itself. For help with skills, such as outlining or note-taking, see our prewriting resources page.