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Common Reference Entries in APA 7

APA 6 Course Materials References

Walden University (Producer).  (2019). Attaining wisdom [Video file]. Retrieved from

Smith, A. (2005). Health effects of exposure to forest fires [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from

APA 7 Course Materials References

Walden University. (2019). Attaining wisdom [Video]. Walden University Blackboard.

Smith, A. (2005). Health effects of exposure to forest fires [PowerPoint slides]. Walden University Blackboard.

Checklist for Revision

For an example in the 7th edition manual, review p. 347, example 102.

  • Change bracketed descriptor to match the conventions shown in APA 7 (throughout chapter 10).
  • Italicize the title of the resource.
  • For the name of the website, use Walden University Blackboard.
  • Remove "Retrieved from" and let the URL remain on its own.
  • Remove (Producer) per guidance from the APA manual editors (but acknowledge that the manual is unclear on this point, so students who include it should not lose points).