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Walden University Research Conference

Walden University Research Conference

Began in 2020, the Walden University Research Conference is a virtual gathering of scholars and researchers at the University for the purposes of scientific discourse and exchange of ideas. This conference is modeled on the typical academic conferences held by varies professional groups. Research presentations from any discipline or methodological approach represented at Walden University are welcomed, but collaborations and efforts that link research to Walden's mission of promoting positive social change are particularly valued 

Starting with a kick-off keynote on the first evening, the 2-days of conference events will occur both synchronously and asynchronously in a variety of presentation formats including papers, plenaries, and posters. Opportunities for networking with other researchers will also be available. Conference materials will be available before and during the conference and archived in ScholarWorks for later viewing. 


The 2020 Research Conference  

The Center for Research Quality hosted the inaugural Walden University Research Conference on October 1 - 3, 2020. The conference theme, Research Leading the Way for the Next 50 Years, celebrated Walden’s 50th anniversary in 2020. Presenters explored both the history of their topic and how their efforts may shape the future of research in their area. An archive of the event can be found here:

2020 Walden University Research Conference  


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