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Faculty Library

Research & Publication Services

Research Services

Librarians can assist faculty with research and scholarship by: 

  • Suggesting appropriate databases, keywords, journals, or search strategies, after consultation with the faculty member. Consultations will consist of a half-hour phone or web-based conversation, which can extend to email. Faculty should expect at least an acknowledgment of receipt of email within one business day of its receipt. 
  • Providing a bibliography (maximum of two pages) of citations to sources on a topic with an indication of where the source might be found in the library. A two week maximum turnaround time should be expected between request and delivered file. 
  • Assisting the faculty member in researching such topics as acceptance rate, impact factor, peer review status, or submission process of a given journal. Locating materials in other libraries or through other sources and providing information on how to obtain them for the faculty member to use to procure them. 


You can find subject-specific research and publication information under Program Resources.

For research assistance, contact the Liaison Librarians via email: