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School of Public Policy & Administration

Policy & Administration

Critical Issues in Homeland Security: A Casebook

James D. Ramsay and Linda Kiltz

Research Institutions: Research-Based Teaching through Technology

Kirk Y. Williams

An Empirical Study of the Determinants of Safety-Net Hospital Failures

Devin Alan Daugherty and Ernesto Escobedo Dr.

Watching Boardwalk Empire with Freud

Ron Hirschbein

Communication Issues in a Multilingual Business Environment: Insights from Managers

Ernesto Escobedo Dr., Felecia Jett, and Teresa M. Lao Ph.D.

Personal report: Significance of Community in an Ayahuasca Jungle Dieta

Elizabeth Hagens and Steven Lansky

Women in the governor's mansion: How party and gender affect policy agendas

R Herrera and Karen Shafer

Shared stories of successful graduates of juvenile residential programs

Barrett Mincey, Nancy Maldonado, and Candace Lacey

Federalism, Law, and the Ethics of Disaster Evacuations

Tanya Settles

Cultural Competency Around Sexual and Gender Orientation and Identity

Wallace Swan, M French, and K. Norman-Major

An Exploratory Research Design Further Demonstrating the Need for the Integration of Critical Thinking Skill Curricula in Homeland Security and Emergency Management Higher Education Academic Programs

Matthew Collins and Stacy L. Peerbolte

Food Policy: Urban Farming as a Supplemental Food Source, Bessie DiDomenica, Mark Gordon

Journal of Social Change

Happiness in Communities: How Neighborhoods, Cities and States Use Subjective Well-Being Metrics, Laura Musikanski, Carl Polley, Scott Cloutier, Erica Berejnoi, Julia Colbert

Journal of Social Change

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness: Measuring What Matters, Laura Musikanski, Carl Polley

Journal of Social Change

Measuring Happiness to Guide Public Policy Making: A Survey of Instruments and Policy Initiatives, Laura Musikanski

Journal of Social Change

Happiness In Public Policy, Laura Musikanski

Journal of Social Change

Book Review: Social Policy and Social Change: Toward the Creation of Social and Economic Justice, Jan Vinita White

Journal of Social Change

Bella Abzug, queer rights, and disrupting the status quo, Trevor G. Gates, Margery C. Saunders

Journal of Social Change

Managing The Polarities of Democracy: A Theoretical Framework for Positive Social Change, William J. Benet

Journal of Social Change