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Journal Rankings

Once a publication strategy has been determined, it can be helpful to search journal rankings to find journals that are focused on your research area and have a solid reputation.The following resources provide journal rankings. If you are curious about their analysis and algorithms to determine the top journals in business and management, be sure to review their methodologies sections.

Keep in mind that the Office of Research and Doctoral Services has different journal indexing requirements for the Research Document Support awards.


Identifying & Avoiding Predatory Journals

Predatory Journals can be identified by publishing without the use of peer review and/or charging scholars fees for submission to their journal. Predatory publishers mislead scholars, preying particularly on early career researchers trying to gain an edge. They may even also even find a way to swindle the author's copyright of their own work. 

Here are some tell-tale signs of a Predatory Journal:

  1. Charging exorbitant rates for publication of articles in conjuction with a lack of peer-review or editorial oversight.

  2. Notifying authors of fees only after acceptance.

  3. Targeting scholars through mass-email spamming in attempts to get them to publish or serve on editorial boards.

  4. The quick acceptance of low-quality papers, including hoax papers.

  5. Listing scholars as members of editorial boards without their permission or not allowing them to resign.

  6. Listing fake scholars as members of editorial boards or authors.

  7. Copying the visual design and language of the marketing materials and websites of legitimate, established journals.

  8. Fraudulent or improper use of ISSNs.

  9. Giving false information about the location of the publishing operation.

  10. Fake, non-existent, or mis-represented impact factors.

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