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Faculty Library

Classroom Support

Instruction Services & Classroom Support

The library provides a variety of instructional services and content for students, faculty, and staff.  We can customize instruction in any given course using a variety of tools upon request.

For instructional support contact to be put in touch with a librarian to discuss your needs.

Course Development and Course Update Assistance

The Library is also available to assist with course development and updates. We can do this in two ways: 

  • Help acquire new or replace old resources 

    • Provide students with the information literacy instruction, such as guidestutorials, or videos, and webinars to assist students with course assignments that require library research.  

Group Advising

Librarians are available to attend dissertation support groups, dissertation shell group advising, or faculty and student services panels. We are available to lend our support to these existing groups and are also open to collaborating with faculty on creating new group advising offerings for students.  

Library Course Help

If you are teaching a course that has a library research component, such as a Literature Review course, literature review week, capstone project, or even if you just think your students could use more Library instruction in your subject area, you can reach out to the Library to talk with a librarian about how best to meet the needs of your students.

Click here to request Library Course Help.

Resources for Your Classroom

Below are services and resources which include screenshots, videos, and step-by-step instructions, that you can post in your classroom to help students find what they need in the library.