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Center for Faculty Excellence


Innovative Teaching Practices

Transforming Anxiety-Ridden Learning Into Deep, Meaningful Learning: A Multidisciplinary Approach (14:50 min)

Student Connections: Developing Collaboration, Communication, and Presentation Skillsets Through Program Evaluation Video Assignments (16:18 min)

Instructional Technology Tools to Support Student Success (25:07 min)


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Competency: Assessment

Accelerating Students' Progress Through Assuring Personalized, Contextual, and Predictable Prospectus Feedback (39:18 min)

Prospectus as the First Step to Success (28:23 min)

Doctoral Prospectus Initiatives (39:18 min)


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Competency: Engagement

Reenvisioning Faculty Quality (3min)

Reaching Students with Seven Different Styles in One Online Classroom (44 min)

We Got the Beat: Strategies for SMEs to Improve the Student Experience in Tempo Learning (30:20 min)


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Competency: Ethics & Values

Restorative Yoga (40 min)

Think, Thank, Talk! Emotional and Mental Fitness for Health, Purpose, Connection, and Happiness* (32:12 min)

Play: It's Not Just for Kids Anymore  (26:11 min)


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Competency: Feedback

Prioritizing Feedback on Graduate Student Writing (15 min)

Doctoral Research (31 min)

Enhancing your O365 Skills Word Track Changes (55 min)


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Competency: Cultural Awareness

Safe Space Training (21:25 min)

A Worldwide Walden Working in a Global Environment (36:02 min)


Walden Social Change Fellows Research and Applications Forum (50:03 min)



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Competency: Pedagogy

Designing Virtual Immersive Learning Environments to Develop Advanced Knowledge and Skills (55 min)

Competency Based Education and Tempo Faculty Perspectives (42 min)

Undergraduates: Living and Learning in a Technical World (1:00 min)



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Competency: Scholarship and Service


So You Want to Publish in a Scholarly Journal Here's How (25:24 min)


Basic Qualitative Research: Help Students Align their Design to their Research Questions (1:00 min)


Funding Your Research Efforts: Internal Programs at Walden (1:00 min)



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Fostering Student Health, Purpose, and Connection by Delivering Personalized and Contextual Faculty Mentoring Experiences on Learners’ Terms (45:00 min)


Work, Life, (Im)balance: Practical Strategies for Virtual Employee Wellness(56:36 min)


Stress Reduction for Faculty: Tips on Coping From a Driven, Type A Personality(47:19 min)



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