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Walden’s competency-based education modality, Tempo Learning, is a flexibly-paced and personalized educational experience designed to support students as they earn a degree on their terms. This program recognizes students’ life experiences by allowing them to accelerate their progress once they demonstrate competency so that they can apply new knowledge to their work immediately.

Tempo Learning’s faculty Subject Matter Experts (SME) are integral to the success of each student. Faculty SMEs proactively reach out to students regarding the content of a competency to share their expertise and clarify concepts. In addition, they review student Assessments and provide timely, detailed feedback to support student learning and progression through the competencies. Faculty SMEs use information from learning analytics, the student pre-assessment, formative quiz scores, and individual conversations with students to curate a personalized learning experience for every student. A unique hallmark of this role is the collaboration between the faculty SME and the student’s academic coach. While a Faculty SME is assigned to specific competencies, the academic coach meets with the student weekly or bi-weekly throughout their time as a Tempo student. Faculty SMEs and academic coaches collaborate and share information to ensure every student is supported as they work to achieve the competencies. Please contact your Supervisor for questions about Tempo Learning.

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