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Faculty Roles

Walden’s faculty recognition model for senior core and contributing faculty increases opportunities for career progression for all Walden University faculty members. Walden faculty members who have served in their role for at least 3 years will be eligible for advancement to Senior Core or Senior Contributing Faculty as these roles become available, usually in conjunction with the annual performance review process.  Faculty who choose to apply for this opportunity may be asked to submit relevant information in support of their application, including a portfolio and CV.

What is the criteria for evaluation?

What are the Criteria for Evaluation

To be eligible to receive senior faculty status, the faculty member should demonstrate an outstanding record in three primary criteria including (1) teaching and mentoring, (2) service to the university and its mission, and (3) scholarship and service. These three primary criteria are weighted 65%, 20%, and 15%, respectively, in evaluating the faculty member and described more fully below.

Teaching and mentoring:The faculty member demonstrates a strong and consistent record of effective instruction to Walden’s student population of diverse career professionals at undergraduate and/or graduate levels. Evidence may include teaching evaluations, awards, peer evaluations, student outcomes, curricula design, and preparation of teaching materials. Activities may include teaching, mentoring, and course development.  

Service to the university and its mission:The faculty member demonstrates a strong and consistent record of service to the institution in ways that advance its educational mission. This may include activities within the institutions such as participation in governance and administration or service to the community in which they are representing the institution. Evidence may include letters of recommendation, committee minutes, awards, or other forms of recognition.

Scholarship and service:The faculty member demonstrates fulfillment of the university’s scholarship and service policy through creating new knowledge through research, interpreting knowledge across disciplines, examining teaching models to achieve optimal learning, and/or working to solve problems within the discipline and across society. Examples of evidence include articles, books, presentations, demonstrations, minutes, awards, and letters of recommendation.

Faculty who wish to be considered for senior faculty status should discuss the application with their supervisor. The faculty member will be required to complete an application through Human Resources and build a Portfolio in the Faculty Insights Tool.  


Who is eligible?

After a minimum of three years of service in the current role, faculty members will have the option to self-select for promotion review, and they will submit an application and a portfolio outlining their accomplishment of the criteria for evaluation.  Faculty members are not required to submit for promotion review and may elect to remain in their existing role. Faculty supervisors will evaluate candidates for promotion during the CRD process (SharePoint) for core faculty in the spring and for contributing faculty in the fall. 


To help prepare your scholarly publications for review, please review Walden’s Library resources on Scholarworks in advance.

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