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About the Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Fellowship for Diversity



Walden University recognizes the value of diversity and inclusion among faculty, staff, leadership, and students. Throughout the history of the University there has been a commitment to positive social change. The purpose of the Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Fellowship for Diversity program is to increase access for individuals who will contribute to Walden University by enhancing diversity and inclusion. This program provides opportunities for mentoring, teaching, professional development, research (scholarship), and social change (service) in order to introduce the many facets involved in becoming an online faculty member.

This Fellowship is an opportunity for graduates who earned their Doctorate or PhD within the past 3 years to spend 2 years as a teaching and research fellow at Walden University. Fellows will gain the following benefits by participating in the Fellowship:

  • Online shadowing and/or teaching experience at a leading institution of online higher education.
  • College-level support and support from the Office of Research and Doctoral Services, Office of Academic Support, and the Office of Teaching and Learning Excellence.
  • One-on-one and group support from a dedicated, experienced faculty Fellowship Coach who will help Fellows develop their annual plan for teaching, professional development, research, and social change.
  • Experience engaging with faculty, staff, administrators, and leaders in online academia.
  • Access to dedicated reimbursable funds for professional development requirements (i.e. Attend higher education conferences, publish research, present research, social change project, etc.).
  • Access to faculty privileges to a wide range of Walden University resources, including but not limited to:
    • university library databases and library faculty support
    • research resources
    • professional development opportunities

Fellows will be compensated for successfully completing required training(s). Fellows will also be compensated for shadowing or teaching courses. All shadowing and teaching assignments are made at the sole discretion of the Program Director. Additionally, Fellows will be reimbursed upon successfully participating in professional development activities which have been pre-approved by the Program Director. Please note that Fellows must successfully meet all requirements and complete all required trainings to maintain eligibility in the fellowship.

If you are interested in applying for the Post-doctoral Teaching and Research Fellowship for Diversity, please email the Postdoctoral Fellowship Role Account. There will be one cohort per year, starting every March.

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