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Getting Started

We strongly encourage you to log in to your Blackboard classroom as early as you can during the faculty preview period (2 weeks prior to the term start) to confirm that you have access to all sections that you are scheduled to teach.

Access your Blackboard classroom by logging in to the Faculty Portal  and clicking on the “Faculty Blackboard Home” link on the right side of your screen.

If you do not see your courses within 24 hours of the start of the preview period, please contact your college's scheduling team to ensure that you are properly assigned.

If you have verified your course assignments and are still unable to see your courses, please contact Frontline at

Best Practices

Once you confirm access to your courses, please complete the Blackboard Course Setup Checklist for each of your sections as soon as possible during the faculty preview period (2 weeks prior to the term start date). Students will gain access to the classroom 4 days ahead of the term start date.

Although it may seem harmless to edit or delete discussion postings, alter categories within the Grade Center, add/delete groups, rename items, adjust settings, or unhide items, doing so will result in major issues within the classroom and can result in the loss of student data and classroom functionality. Doing the following things can have a negative impact on your course Grade Center and should be avoided:

  • deleting the pre-installed Groups
  • deleting pre-installed Discussions
  • creating your own graded Discussions
  • creating graded Blogs or Journals

Also, we discourage copying-and-pasting heavily formatted text from Word into Discussion Boards, Announcements, Blog and Journal entries, and similar tools, as this can have some strange effects on these postings. If you copy and paste from MS Word or another program, the formatting will carry with the text and may not appear correctly in Blackboard. First, paste the text into the Windows NotePad (or similar program) to remove any formatting. Then, copy the text from Notepad and paste it into Blackboard. This will set the text to the default text in Blackboard.

You will notice that posts may be attributed to Anonymous. The original message was posted by an anonymous account during course creation, and you might not have the option to change the name. If desired, after adding your instructor information to the anonymous message, you may post a more personal greeting under your own name as a reply to the anonymous message.

 You can try viewing the discussion at the forum level in List View; if the Action Link button next to the Anonymous discussion has a Change Author option, you can select that option to change the author from Anonymous to yourself.

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