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Faculty Insights Tool (FIT)

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As of January 1, 2020, you can no longer use Internet Explorer 11 to access the FIT. Digital Measures is no longer supporting Internet Explorer 11 and recommends using another browser to access the FIT.


About the FIT

Walden’s Faculty Insights Tool (FIT) is a web-based product from the company, Digital Measures by Watermark. The FIT is a faculty activity reporting instrument that allows us to optimally collect, manage and report on the accomplishments of our faculty. This faculty reporting tool is used by over 2,000 colleges and schools and was launched at Walden in 2018.

All faculty members enter information into the FIT and should keep it updated throughout the year. Data collected includes faculty credentials, courses taught, research and presentations, professional development, public service, and much more. Data is captured in the FIT from faculty entry and by automated feeds from other internal systems.

The FIT makes reporting easy by collecting data once and providing unlimited uses. The FIT streamlines our regulatory and accreditation reporting with pre-built templates and allows for customization of ad-hoc reports to meet individual needs. Faculty can easily generate their own reports and create customized CV’s. Additionally, University leaders are able to use the FIT to help assign faculty to courses and dissertation committees.

Selective data from the FIT populates onto the Meet Our Faculty section of the Walden Website to create a personalized faculty profile. This allows for our accreditors, current/prospective students, colleagues, and others to easily view faculty biographies and accomplishments.


Any questions related to the FIT can be directed to

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