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Riedel Research Grant

Dr. Eric S. Riedel Research Grant for the Advancement of the Walden Learning Model

The Grant Program

The Dr. Eric S. Riedel Research Grant for the Advancement of the Walden Learning Model supports forward-looking research on learning experience designs (modalitiesand best practices that explore andrological approaches to learning in the context of Walden’s commitment to distance education for career professionals using their knowledge for the public good. The goal of this request for proposals (RFP) is to further the Walden Learning Model as described in its university documents and demonstrated in daily practice by faculty and staff. Funded proposals will support research on new knowledge and approaches to teaching and learning at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Examples of potential research topics include: 

  • Teaching practices and strategies to increase success of a diverse student population. 

  • Teaching practices and strategies to foster constructive dialogue and feedback. 

  • Student motivation and learning outcomes achieved using varying methods of student engagement and assessment. 

  • Student learning outcomes achieved in varying learning models, such as mastery learning and capacity-building learning. 

  • Value of asynchronous and synchronous learning. 

  • Teaching practices and strategies to support the integration of new tools for students and faculty. 

  • How learners master competencies and build life-long capabilities. 


Researchers in all academic disciplines, not just education, are encouraged to apply. Proposed research that examines new knowledge and approaches to teaching and learning used in settings/environments external to Walden (within the US or internationally) is welcome. Proposed research that considerteaching and learning with all types of student learners, which meets students where they are at, or with historically underserved populations is encouraged.   


Since the goal of this grant program is to further the Walden learning model, it is expected that proposed research could focus on Walden students, faculty, classroom environments, program curricula, and assessment outcomes. Proposed research that involves collecting data from the Walden community or the use of existing classroom or operational data from Walden must be discussed with both your supervisor and dean and receive Institutional Approval from the Walden Office of Institutional Research & Assessment before your grant application is submitted. Information about the Institutional Approval process is included in the grant application itself.  


Grant Amount and Duration

Although a funding ceiling is provided below, researchers are encouraged to request only the amount of funds needed to conduct their proposed research activities, rather than the maximum amount available. The number of grants awarded in each program cycle will be determined by the quality and size of the applicant pool as well as the availability of program funds.  

  • $12,000 funding ceiling for single investigator authored research proposals.  

  • $25,000 funding ceiling for collaborative research proposals in which two or more Walden faculty members are co-principle investigators. 

Applicant Eligibility

Faculty (core and contributing)staff and administratorsemployed by Walden for a minimum of 6 months, are eligible to apply. 

 Note: Students may be included in the research team, but the team must be led by faculty or staff members.

Grant Application Process

Grant applications will be submitted via an online submission process. Instructions about how to complete the online grant application are provided in the form itself; however, to make the process smoother, following are elements of the proposal that should be developed prior to starting the online application:   

  • C.V. or NIH-formatted Bio-sketch for the PI and all Co-PIs  
  • Research Abstract  
  • Research Description  
  • Research Timeline 
  • Research Budget  
  • Research Budget Justification  
  • Plans for Disseminating Research Findings  
  • Human Subjects Review Documentation  
  • Approvals needed for collecting data from the Walden community, if applicable. 


Program Timeline

Intent to Apply Deadline1 September 2020 

Application Deadline: 18 September 2020 

Recipients Announced: 30 October 2020

Grant period of performance: 1 November 2020 – 31 December 2021 

Grant Selection Criteria

The overall merit of the proposed research will be considered and evaluated by the university leadership and a review committee. The final selection will be based upon the following criteria: 

  • Intrinsic pedagogical and technical merit. 

  • The project is grounded in current scholarship related to excellence in teaching and learning, especially in distance education. 

  • The likelihood that the results will improve the educational processes in the university. 

  • The possibility of dissemination of the results in other venues outside of Walden (academic publications and presentations). 

  • Potential for the award to provide a basis for further research. 

  • Feasibility that the proposed work would be completed during the award period. 

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